MONCTON, N.B. -- A New Brunswick couple has opened a new antique-themed café in Moncton.

Jassy Boutique & Tearoom opened on the first of September and is filled with items from all over the world.

“It has been seven years since I started collecting. So yes, I just fall in love with antiques,” says Jassy Kim, co-owner of the café.

Kim, and her husband Kane Kang, moved to Moncton in 2012 from South Korea.

“My wife is a collector for antique, so we need a showroom. So we planned to just show here, but my neighbours and my friends told me ‘why don't you café together? People probably like tea and coffee with your beautiful cups,’” says Kang.

Visitors will notice a feature wall in the café that showcases 108 antique teacups, a number Kim says is sacred in Buddhist culture.

“Some teacups from France, some teacups from England, Germany,” says Kim.

The pair has even travelled lengthy distances by plane and car to find just the right showpieces.

“We used to visit European areas once in a year for collecting antiques,” says Kang.

“Sometimes if I discover a very beautiful teacup online, I drive sometimes 16 hours, 17, for just only one cup.”

The couple plan to host tea parties at the beginning of October, where each guest can enjoy a hot beverage in a beautiful antique cup.