A man from New Brunswick’s Charlotte County says hundreds of dollars and hours of time have been flushed down the toilet after his custom-made outhouse was stolen.

Morris Harris is an avid hunter who built and installed the outhouse at his camp in Clarence Ridge.

He was shocked when he discovered his custom commode had been pinched.

“First of all, I couldn’t believe it. Second of all, I thought, who would steal an outhouse?” says Harris.

“It was kind of a chuckle at first and then I thought, wow, I put a lot of work into this, $600 or $700, and got four guys to help me take it out there on the back of a truck and it’s about 30 miles, 35 miles from my house. So, a fair amount of money was put into it.”

The outhouse used to sit on the property where Harris brings his camper every year for hunting season. Now all that remains of his hard work are a couple of railway ties on which the structure sat.

“The thing weighs, I’m going to say, 500 to 600 pounds and it’s a four-by-four, or five-by-four building. It is all shingled, steel roof and the whole works, so it’s not light,” says Harris.

He says he hasn’t gone to the police yet. He’s hoping that whoever took the outhouse will return it and he says no questions will be asked.

Harris has posted an ad on Kijiji and asked his friends passing through the area to keep an eye out.

“If they happen to see it, you know, it’ll stand out.”

Harris isn’t taking the theft of his toilet sitting down. He hopes speaking out the incident will flush out those responsible.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Ashley Dunbar