HALIFAX -- The three Maritime chief medical officers of health are now regular fixtures on CTV Atlantic broadcasts. As a result, the doctors have become household names and also sources of comfort during a trying time.

As Nova Scotia's chief medical officer of health, Dr. Robert Strang gives important updates on COVID-19 every day.

Strang also goes for daily walks in his community, so his neighbours lined the way with posters of gratitude.

The signs of support haven’t been limited to his neighbourhood; they are also showing up online, including a Marvel-inspired meme.

“I couldn’t help but make the connection between his name and Dr. Strange and then I immediately ran to my computer to make this image a reality in hopes that would bring a little bit of light and humour into the people seeing it online,” says Randal Tomada, meme creator.

Strang says he appreciates the response from his community, but admits he is a little embarrassed by it.

“As I’ve said before, I’m just here because of my job. I’m the public face of this but I'm representing hundreds and hundreds of people in public health and across the public health system,” says Strang.

Jill Ellsworth lives in Sydney, N.S. She wrote an open letter describing how Dr. Strang’s direction has provided calm at a chaotic time.

“I know that it's shared amongst many people. They've been saying without Dr. Strang they'd basically be in a panic right now. So I think having him be such a leader and also be such a great personality helps that a lot,” says Ellsworth.

In New Brunswick, Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Jennifer Russell is also being praised for her leadership, with one online commenter wishing they could have such clarity from the lead doctor where they lived.

On Prince Edward Island, Dr. Heather Morrison is receiving gratitude for her composure and steady hand during a difficult time.

“It's really important to celebrate any public health official, including any health official currently working in hospitals and clinics, because they are going above and beyond,” says Tomada.