Many people were moved when Philip Halliday asked his wife if she would marry him again during an interview on CTV News Wednesday night.

One of those people was a musician who has offered to perform at their vow renewal ceremony for free.

“What a nice way to kind of re-kindle after such adversity, and I thought, well, if there is anything I could do to contribute to that, maybe I could play some music for them,” says Kentville, N.S. resident Alan Pulsifer.

In December 2009, Halliday was arrested off the coast of Spain after $600 million worth of drugs was discovered in the hull of a ship he was crewing.

He has always maintained his innocence, but the 56-year-old fisherman spent over three years in prison before being convicted of importing cocaine last week.

Despite his conviction, Halliday was released from the jail and is now back with his family in Digby, N.S.

“Sheree, I love you, and will you marry me again?” he asked his wife during Wednesday night’s interview.

“Oh Philip! Yes, yes, that’s a surprise!” replied a shocked Sheree.

Sheree Halliday says Pulsifer’s offer is a generous one and she plans to talk it over with her husband.

Pulsifer says he already has a few ideas about what he might play, pending the Hallidays’ approval.

“I could do a little waltz for them, if they want to dance,” he says. “Or, you know, some love songs, country and western.”

There is no word yet on when the happy couple plans to renew their vows.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Ron Shaw