On a wet week like this, it would be natural to lament the lousy weather and look back fondly on a sunny summer, the vast majority of which was hot and dry.

For those embedded in the business of delivering pleasant forecasts, business was booming throughout the region.

“It was the nicest summer I can remember in the Maritimes,” says CTV Atlantic meteorologist Cindy Day. “We did make it into the top ten of heat, ranking number five…fifth warmest summer on record in the Maritimes. In terms of dryness, the seventh driest summer here in the Maritimes.”

The warm summer days were ideal for patio bar owners who rely on blue skies for a boost in business during the summer months.

Joe Chiasson manages a bar in downtown Halifax. He says a rainy day like today offers a chance to catch a breath following a fast-paced summer.

“It was phenomenal,” says Chiasson. “Almost everyday the patios were full; night, day, all the time. Food sales were some of our best yet.”

The boat tour season is still hopping in Halifax but bookings were off the charts in July and August.

It wasn’t a record-breaking summer for boat tours, but thanks to the weather, it was close.

“We had more sunny days than not,” says tourism operator Angela Malec. “You saw many people coming out and spending time with us.”

The warm weather was a win for the tourism industry but it also provides momentum.

Chiasson says people who enjoyed the beautiful summer in the Maritimes this year will be more inclined to come back.

“This summer, speaking with a lot of tourists, they were blown away by our weather.”

With files from CTV Atlantic's Paul Hollingsworth