There's always a bit of a risk when you travel or take a trip.

Knowing what you are covered for and what you're not is half the battle.

With the coronavirus making headlines around the world, the travel industry has been dealing with people who are worried.

"The phone has been ringing off the hook with people inquiring about how it will affect them and can they cancel trips," said Martin Firestone, who sells travel insurance.

The Canadian government issued an advisory for people to avoid all non-essential travel to China and to avoid travel altogether to the Hubei province, ground zero in the outbreak.

Any Canadian who was planning to visit those particular areas may be able to cancel their trip and get a refund.

"You have to of bought and purchased trip cancellation to a destination that the government of Canada issues a travel warning for what they call non-essential travel or no travel at all," Firestone said. "That's the triggering mechanism to get back your money."

If you're planning to travel to another destination, and want to stay home because of coronavirus worries, even travel insurance might not be enough.

"In that situation, I don't think airlines or travel insurance would cover a refund," said Julia Kent of CAA Atlantic

Kent says people should be confident if the Canadian government has not issued advisory for where they may be going.

"Historically, the Canadian government and companies like Air Canada are on kind of the conservative side, so you should be able to trust them that their advisories are accurate and safe," Kent said.

Wherever you're going, it's recommended to check the Canadian government's travel advisory website for any safety information about your particular destination.