A special concert was held at St. Agnes Church in Halifax Sunday afternoon to pay respect to veterans of the Second World War.

The New Players Choral Society performed songs of the war years that offered a spot of brightness during what was the darkest of times.

The songs became anthems for those serving overseas. The music offered an escape when there was nowhere to go.

“They knew most of these songs, they sung, they whistled them, they knew everything about them,” said choir director John O’Halloran.  

Many sang along, and for a moment, transported back in time.

“I remember the people I sailed with, too. When you hear these songs you remember the people I drank with, having a beer in a pub over in England,” said Second World War veteran John Rolfe.  

There was also time for reflection.

“Remember what the armed forces did. I am proud of everything we did. I, myself – I am really proud,” said Second World War veteran Norman Crewe.

This was one of many events happening in Halifax leading up to Remembrance Day.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kelland Sundahl.