HEBRON, N.S. -- A man is in custody after allegedly stealing a truck as the owner was standing beside it.

Police responded to the call in Hebron, Nova Scotia around 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday with reports of an ongoing theft in progress.

Upon arrival, police learned two men were leaning up against a truck – one of which was the owner – when a young man jumped in the driver's seat, started the vehicle and drove away. During the incident, one of the men was struck by the truck's mirror, but did not require medical treatment.

A woman – who was also on scene – then followed the suspect in a different vehicle. She later located him on the side of the road on Leighton Street after the truck lost control and crashed. She says when she approached the vehicle, the suspect was still inside but told her to leave or he would shoot her.

RCMP arrived on scene a short time later where a police dog was able to track down the suspect in the nearby woods.

Twenty-three year-old Austin Blake Rhyno of Wedgeport, Nova Scotia remains in custody until his court appearance on Thursday. Rhyno faces multiple charges including theft over $5,000, theft under $5,000, uttering threats, and assault with a weapon.

During the incident, police communicated with a nearby school which decided to put the school in "hold and secure" status while the matter was ongoing. The “hold and secure” at the school was lifted once the suspect was arrested.

The investigation is ongoing.