Their jobs may be leaving, but businesses in Truro are hoping the 240 people who work at the carpet mill won't have to leave, when it closes in three months.

It's a big loss for the town, and two days after hearing the plant will close its doors and head south, people in the town are still trying to make sense of it all.

“The businesses are behind them, and anything and everything that can be put together to assist them moving forward with the next chapter in their life will be done,” said Ron Smith of the Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce.

France-based company Tarkett announced Tuesday that it will close its Truro plant in July, putting 240 people out of work.

The president of the Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce says they're working with stakeholders to come up with possible solutions and options those who will be without a job.

“We are told by many of our members and associated businesses that there are opportunities out there and that finding suitable employees is one of the key problems that businesses face in the local area,” Smith said.

One of those local businesses is Stanfield's. The company's president and chief operating officer says there's opportunity for Tarkett employees to find work here.

“We have a number of production jobs, you can see our knitting room here,” said Peter Porteous of Stanfield's Canada. “We've got sewing capabilities, and a dye room and a cutting room.”

There’s a growing effort to try to keep as many people close to home.

“Hopefully, in time, we can accommodate all those jobs and not lose anyone from the community,” Smith said.

The last time Truro faced a major job loss like this was in 2010 when the Convergys call centre shut down.

Just like then, Smith is confident the town will bounce back from the loss.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Suzette Belliveau.