People in the Truro area are keeping a close eye on the sky, thanks to a major rainstorm in the forecast.

Transportation crews continue to fix shoulders along roads through parts of Truro and Colchester County.

“Of course they’re fixing up the shoulders of the roads,” says farmer Jim Lorraine. “That makes sense, it is a safety issue. However, let’s prevent more shoulders from disappearing on the side of the road as well. Let’s get these dikes fixed.”

Last week’s floods breached a number of dikes in low-lying areas.

CTV meteorologist Cindy Day says the Truro area received up to 140 millimetres of rain in an 18-hour period during last week’s flash floods.

This week’s forecast calls for 80 millimetres over a 48-hour period.

There is still a mess on Riverside Street in Bible Hill and Erika Wood says the neighbourhood is always watching out for rain.

“Even if it’s a little bit of rain, it seems to flood this road before it floods the rest of the town,” says Wood. “So even when we don’t have flood warnings or hurricanes, this town, this road gets it pretty bad.”

Homeowner Fabian Boudreau has put everything in his shed above ground in plastic totes.

“It’s always in the back of your mind, well, if we have a storm is everything just going to be washed away that you put there?” says Boudreau.

The ground under Ernie Laffin’s feet is still wet, but he is not worried about the latest forecast.

“Last time we had rain before we got the rain and this time it’s not,” says Laffin. “I don’t think we should worry this time.”

Still, many people will be keeping a close eye on river levels until the storm clouds are gone.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Dan MacIntosh