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Tusket, N.S. woman joins her husband in the centenarian club


January 13, 2022 was a special day for Annie Muise of Tusket, N.S., as she marked a major milestone.

Annie joined Charlie, her husband of almost 80 years, in the centenarian club, as she celebrated her 100th birthday.

“Annie and Charlie are both 100 years old,” said their daughter Andrea Muise.

“My father was 100 on August 3.”

Charlie grew up in Hubbards Point and Annie in Sluice Point. The pair has lived together in their Tusket home for 75 years.

“I never dreamed I’d be 100,” said Annie.

“I can say I am lucky to be able to see 100.”

Andrea says her mother taught her great life lessons.

“Certainly in accepting people and honesty. She was a great mother… and she still is,” said Andrea.

“Annie did work hard, there is no question about it. We’d come home from school and she’d done laundry, done mending, made bread, she never stopped.”

These days Annie says she can’t stay on her feet for long because she loses her balance, however she enjoys knitting.

Andrea’s brother made a post on social media requesting cards in honour of his mother’s birthday.

“We’ve had a phenomenal response to that so far,” said Andrea, adding they’ve received over 170 cards.

“I’d like to thank all the wonderful people who sent all those beautiful cards, with all those good wishes,” said Annie. Top Stories


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