A Twitter account has found a new way to warn tourists of the dangers of the black rocks with Peggys Cove.

It’s calling out those it describes as ‘the morons of Peggys Cove.’

The account has posted photos of people willing to risk their lives by walking to the edge of the black rocks.

Some tourists visiting Peggys Cove on Monday said there should be more warnings on site.

“I’m really surprised. There’s one sign that I saw,” said one tourist.

Dylan Martin and his wife Andrea are visiting from Ontario. They said they saw the signs and know the risks.

“I think it’s very unsafe to go out [on the black rocks] with all the drownings that happen every year,” said Andrea. “There are signs posted everywhere you’re not supposed to go.”

In April, an Ontario man drowned when a rogue wave swept him off the black rocks. In July, a man was rescued by a tour boat after he too was swept off the dangerous rocks.

Still, tourists like Mark O’Donovan and his family risk it.

“Yeah, we seen [the signs] coming down,” he said. “Not worried, same as at home.”

Locals seem to understand the risks.

“I’m not going to risk my life,” says local resident Karen Doughtery. “I don’t understand how people can go down.”

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Rick Grant.