HALIFAX -- Two of the Maritimes’ most iconic clothing companies have teamed up to create a full 'Made in Nova Scotia' collection.

Stanfield's Ltd. and East Coast Lifestyle Clothing Inc. created a partnership just before Christmas in 2020.

The new collection will include items like T-shirts, hoodies, balaclavas, socks and much more.

"We figured that they're making amazing products here in Nova Scotia and we figured, why not make as many products here as possible in the province of Nova Scotia," said Alex Maclean, the founder and CEO at East Coast Lifestyle.

Stanfield's Ltd., in Truro, N.S., employs over 300 people. Maclean says the partnership was an amazing opportunity for his company to support Nova Scotia's local economy.

"I think Alex and his team have recognized, and what his brand represents, about supporting local and giving back to the community. Again, that's one of the, I think, the brand pillars that we both have," said Rob Newcombe, vice-president of Stanfield's Ltd.

Maclean says this is the first time East Coast Lifestyle has made product in their own province and he couldn't be more proud.

"We've done a lot of product made in Toronto, Montreal, but we're really proud to finally make things in Nova Scotia here with Stanfield's," said Maclean.

The team plans to release their first winter collection in February, which will be available online and in East Coast Lifestyle stores.

"The winter collection for East Coast Lifestyle is made here in Truro," said Newcombe. "Everything from the very beginning of the process, to knitting and dying. I mean, we are vertically integrated here so all the processes of bringing those products to market are done here in Truro, Nova Scotia."

Maclean says watching the products be created in his home province was inspiring to see.

"To see eight people have to touch a t-shirt to be made, that was really cool. And we feel like it's very important to put that emotion into the products here at East Coast Lifestyle, especially," said Maclean.

Maclean says the two companies are already working on their summer collection and are looking ahead to next fall and winter to plan more collaborations together.