RIVER RYAN, N.S. -- An unlikely Cape Breton duo have joined forces to create a COVID-19-themed rap song.

It all started when retired teacher Cathy Timmons had to cancel plans to have family come from out-of-province to visit her River Ryan, N.S. home for the Easter weekend.

“I decided to make them some Easter cards and I needed a verse to go with the cards,” says Timmons.

So, she put pen to paper and came up with a catchy composition about having to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When I finished it, I said, this almost sounds like a rap song,” says Timmons.

Just down the highway in Glace Bay, N.S., a young hip-hop artist agreed after Timmons poem was brought to his attention. 

“It sounds like a rap verse, a lot of poetry does,” says rapper Mitchell Bailey. “I mean, hip-hop is basically just poetry with music behind it.”

Despite the fact the two are strangers who have yet to speak to each other, Bailey says he’s thinking about doing a collaboration with Timmons.

He admits they would make an unlikely pair, but he says it just might work.

“If I took that verse and I put it on a song I’m working on for my upcoming album, I think me and Cathy would probably have a hit,” says Bailey.

“So, Cathy … when this is over, let's hit the studio.”

Timmons says teaming up on a rap song is one of the last things she ever thought she might do, but she’d be in favour of the collaboration.

COVID-19 may have united the improbable pair, however, until the virus is gone, any verses they team up on will have to be done virtually.