MONCTON, N.B. -- More than 150 jobs are on the chopping block in Moncton as UPS makes changes to a call centre in the city.

UPS says in a news release that 168 employees will be affected by the changes, which are part of a “company-wide transformation.”

“These decisions are not made lightly and does not reflect the quality of work being done by employees,” said the company in a statement emailed to CTV News.

Those who work in the building, shared with UPS employees, say it's a big blow to many long-term employees.

"It was a shock for me this morning when I heard about it," said Rino Bernier, who works in building maintenance. "It surprised everybody."

Michael Walsh also works in the same building.

"I know some of the people that got laid off," Walsh said. "They've been here 25 years, 25-plus years, so it's going to be a big shock. I know a lot of them are Anglophone only, which is also going to be hard to find a job, especially in the Moncton area."

The company says these decisions are not made lightly and do not reflect the quality of work being done by employees.

In a statement, UPS Canada said, in part:

"There are several outcomes for 168 employees, who are affected by this change, which can include promotions, lateral moves, or finding employment with another company."

The company also says it is encouraging employees to apply for open positions at UPS, while offering severance packages and assistance to employees who part with the company to find new employment.

The CEO of Greater Moncton's Chamber of Commerce says these things happen in any economy, even one as "buoyant" as Moncton's.

"I think if there's a positive side to this, or will be eventually, it's the fact that the job market is still pretty hot here," said John Wishart. "Primarily, for those people, those skills that are affected by this layoff, there are probably going to be other options available to them."