MIDDLE SACKVILLE, N.S. -- The Clarke family and their neighbours love the holidays, but this week a Grinch tried to steal their Christmas spirit.

"It was really hard, because my honest reaction yesterday was, when I was shuffling my son out the door to school, and I started crying," said Holly Clarke of Middle Sackville, N.S.

Clarke woke up Tuesday morning to find several pieces of her outside Christmas display missing, including a five-foot deer and light projector.

She later found the items scattered a few blocks away, but they had been destroyed.

"This is our private property and we put work into it to make it look beautiful and for everyone to enjoy as the whole neighbourhood does," Clarke says.

This is the second Grinch-like incident to hit the Halifax Regional Municipality this week.

A couple of days ago, two women were suspected of stealing a Christmas tree from the lobby of an apartment building in Halifax.

Police are investigating both incidents.

"It happens all across the province, so just a crime of opportunity where people see something they think they might be able to grab off someone's property to use at home or to just do some mischief around the neighbourhood," said Cpl. Lisa Croteau of the Halifax District RCMP.

Clarke says this isn't the first time vandals have struck her property.

"My skis were taken a couple of years ago," she said. "I had those red skis out on the step and a nice big star and somebody came and took those."

Clarke keeps some of her more sentimental decorations indoors where she knows they'll be safe.

Neighbours have also noticed some damage to their decorations.

Amanda Barrett says she's growing increasingly frustrated.

"It's such a Grinch thing," said Barrett. "Like, come on now, we're the Griswolds here, not the Grinches!"

As the neighbourhood continues to spread festive cheer despite recent events, they are hoping police catch the Grinches before they try to rob others of their holiday spirit.