MILLBROOK FIRST NATION, N.S. -- A large sign that welcomes travellers to Millbrook First Nation was defaced over the weekend.

The sign is located along the Trans-Canada Highway between exits 4 and 5 as you enter Nova Scotia.

The words "N.S. needs mills" were spray-painted on the Mi'kmaq sign.

The RCMP was notified through social media Monday morning.

"We did attend the scene, we did obtain some photos, and we're continuing to look into what happened, who put the graffiti there and if there are any witnesses willing to come forward," said Nova Scotia RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Jennifer Clarke.

Cumberland Colchester MP Lenore Zann believes the graffiti is in reference to the recent closure of the the Northern Pulp mill in Pictou County.

The facility was shut down on Friday, putting hundreds of mill workers out of work.