A community garden and bee hive project in Halifax was vandalized over the weekend, resulting in thousands of dollars in damage for a non-profit group.

Family SOS had just recently unveiled the project in Spryfield, only for it to be ravaged.

“Why would you destroy something that’s bringing so much greatness to your community?” asks Family SOS executive director Donna Morrison.

The loss of the bee hive will cost the group about $300, but a long-term plan to have young people sell the honey means a loss of $2,000.

"We lost one hive which represents about 40,000 bees and another hive was damaged and we still don't know if that hive will survive,” says Morrison.

The impact of the destruction reaches beyond Family SOS; the fresh produce that was grown was going to the local food bank.

"It’s disappointing for the youth who were involved. They put in a lot of work, and a lot of heart andsoul went into this project,” says Morrison. “They really have that sense of ownership, so it’s the disappointment we see on their faces."

Police are looking through security footage and if a suspect is found, they could face a mischief charge.

"It did represent a sense of community, trying to build a better community and have some people come together, come tend to your gardens and help with the bees. Now I don't know," says Const. Stephanie Glendenning, the Greystone community response officer.

Once the project is up and running again, those involved hope to raise money to provide scholarships for kids living in the neighbourhood.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Marie Adsett