HALIFAX -- The future of Via Rail's service out of Halifax is in question, with a looming change in the Port of Halifax.

After November, Via will no longer be allowed to use a rail loop to reverse direction -- something it needs to do in order to make a return trip back to Montreal.

Via says it won't be able to operate the route with its existing equipment.

In a statement, Via tells CTV News it is working on a solution, but passenger rail supporters have doubts.

"They're looking for solutions, but they don't appear to have found one yet," said Ted Bartlett of Transport Action Atlantic. "So really what is required here is government intervention to make sure there is a favourable outcome here, and that climate-friendly long-distance passenger trains are enabled to continue in and out of Halifax."

Right now, Via uses a rail loop leased to Halterm.

The company says it needs the square footage occupied by the loop.

The Port of Halifax referred all comment on the matter back to Via Rail.