MONCTON -- A Moncton man was caught on tape performing a random act of kindness -- and the dash-cam footage has now gone viral.

It was a regular day of work for Brian Morin, who was making his water deliveries when he noticed what appeared to be a homeless woman in a wheelchair.

Morin made the choice to help.

"I did my delivery and as I came back outside, I decided to just give her some bottles of water," Morin said. "I had my cooler, and I crossed the street and gave her the water and she gave many thank yous and all that."

He didn't know that it was all caught on camera. He was also unaware she had just had a rough night. Also on tape is the woman sleeping on the sidewalk and medics helping her get back in her wheelchair.

"It hits home and it hits the heart when you see something like that, and you realize … what we don't realize, what they've gone through," Morin said.

Delora Paul is staying in a local shelter. She says it doesn't take much to turn someone's day around.

"Maybe if you even smile at somebody you make them feel good," Paul said.

Cal Maskery, who is the founder of Harvest House Atlantic, says small deeds can make a big difference.

"When someone shows an act of kindness, it just cheers up their day," he said. "It makes them feel valued, (like) someone's noticing them."

Students from the local community college were performing their own acts of kindness Wednesday.

They were handing out kits of daily essentials, with things inside that can often be taken for granted.

"I just get up, I take a shower, I brush my teeth," said James Queale, a New Brunswick Community College student. "But they're like, 'oh my God, I can do this tomorrow, I can brush my teeth, I can have the most basic of hygienic needs met.'"

Those who are without a place to call home say all they want is to be treated with humanity.

Paul says even a simple "hi" and acknowledging someone's presence can go a long way.

"I felt like, oh, this person really cares and I said, 'oh maybe I am somebody.'"

It's proof that a small gesture can have a big impact.