All across Nova Scotia dog lovers came to show their support and raise awareness for anti-tethering laws.

Emily Thompson is one of the many people that came out to the marches.

“I just consider my dogs family and I think everyone should,” says Thompson.

Event organizer, Patricia Conrad, says the law would protect dogs and send a direct message to pet owners.

“We’re not saying that it’s not okay to put your dog out to use the washroom, it’s about dogs that are chained out for life.”

Liberal MLA, Ian Rankin, attended the rally with his rescue dog, Rocco.

“We want to make sure that all these dogs are looked after, as best as they can and I know the Minister Keith Colwell is supportive of that, so it’s great that I can be here both personally and politically, “says Rankin.

The Nova Scotia Government has said it likely won’t ban tethering altogether, but it is planning to make tying pets up for longer than 12 hours illegal.

With files from CTV's Suzette Belliveau