MASSTOWN, N.S. – If you’ve always dreamed of going to Las Vegas and getting your photo taken in front of Sin City’s iconic sign, a popular Nova Scotia business has the next best thing.

A flashy new sign promoting Masstown Market is turning heads and prompting selfies at the site off Highway 104.

“I noticed it driving by on the highway and I thought, ‘Oh, look at that sign. It looks like the Las Vegas sign!’” said one customer.

Masstown Market’s new Vegas-style sign replaces the original sign that greeted drivers for 35 years.

When post-tropical storm Dorian brought the old sign down in September, Masstown Market owner Laurie Jennings knew it was time to try something new.

“This is a big, old tin-box building. You know, it’s expanded over the years and we’ve added a piece on, but it’s not a particularly attractive building,” said Jennings.

“So it needs to have something that dresses it up a little tiny bit and gets your attention.”

“I think it’s pretty cute, actually,” said one customer. “I think it’ll bring more people and more attention to the area with the new big buildings.”

Masstown Market has expanded over the years, with the additions of a new creamery, butcher shop, and fish market to the original shop.

And while Vegas skyscrapers boast a view of the Nevada dessert, customers can catch a glimpse of the Bay of Fundy from the top of a lighthouse at the site.

“Giving people more reasons to stop in Masstown more often, and that’s the same idea with the sign, that hopefully when you get to Masstown, you know, it puts a smile on your face and you have a good time,” said Jennings.

People have been visiting the wildly popular market for 50 years, and returning with family and friends. Even during the middle of the week it can be difficult to find a parking spot.

“Greater Moncton is where we’re from, and we often usually stop here on our way to or from Halifax,” said one customer. “The place has become so diversified. We remember Masstown when it was just one, kind of a truck-stop sort of place.”

Now it’s a “must-stop” sort of place, where the latest gamble seems to have hit another jackpot.