Winter is only two weeks away, but it doesn’t really feel like it. It also doesn’t look much like winter at the Halifax skating oval.

The warm weather has turned the grounds around the oval on the Halifax Common into a soggy mess.

The second phase of construction at the oval is nearly complete. The last pile of fill is being removed and sod is being laid.

New concrete and brickwork is in place and new lights have been installed.

“We’re literally getting geared up to put all the mats down, the benches, the trailers will be showing up this week as well, so we’ll be all ready to go,” says oval manager John Henry.

The oval is almost ready to go, except for one thing - there is no sign of ice anywhere.

While some people may be enjoying the warmer weather, it is putting work on hold at the oval.

Consistently cold temperatures are needed to start making ice, so refrigerator units are on standby, as are local athletes.

Speed Skating Canada has several events planned this season, including weekly learn-to-skate classes and training camps.

“The weather and ice conditions is what creates hearty athletes and we know from some research that athletes that train outdoors do perform better than athletes that train in consistent conditions indoors,” says Todd Landon of Speed Skating Canada.

There is no firm opening date at the oval, but operators are optimistic.

They hope to have it up and running just in time for Christmas.

“Everything is a green light, except for our weather,” says Henry. “We’re prepared to open the oval whenever the weather cooperates with us and we get some consistent low temperatures below zero to start making the ice and keeping it.”

In the meantime, crews remain on standby, waiting for the next cold snap to hit.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Jill Chappell