TRURO, N.S. -- Kayla Reid and Ryan McMullen don't take anything for granted these days.

For the last three years, McMullen has been battling colon cancer.

"I mean he has five or six spots and that's along the top of his abdomen as well. He had a CAT scan yesterday and that should give us a better timeline," said Reid. "No more surgery can be done. We don't really know what happens from here. We just enjoy each day as it comes."

Despite facing a terminal diagnosis, the couple is staying strong.

"We have two small children, they're four and 10 and they keep us going and they don't stop, so we don't stop," said Reid.

McMullen is a complete car enthusiast.

"I just love anything with four wheels," he said laughing.

Saturday evening, Kayla put up a post online to try and arrange a small car show for her husband. With the help of a family friend, the response was overwhelming.

By Sunday, 500 vehicles, driven by complete strangers, came together to support McMullen and lift the families spirits.

"We're just so thankful. Just didn't think that many people would show up with that little notice and not knowing Ryan or I. It's been amazing. The outpouring has been amazing," said Reid.

"Never ever would have thought in a million years that it was gonna turn out like that. It was amazing," added McMullen.

Friday afternoon, a second car show was organized and held at the community centre in Truro for McMullen.

The 36-year-old even got a special ride home, with the car show moving from the community centre to his street.

"It's so heartwarming. I mean, I never, ever would have thought that something like this could have happened. You know, people are so supportive," said McMullen.

 "They have been so amazing," added Reid.

The couple says the support they've received has been incredible.

"Just thank you so much cause it's helped more than you'll ever know," said Reid.

"Just thank you everybody," added McMullen.

Ryan has this advice for anyone going through the same battle.

"Just stay strong, keep fighting. Don't give up," he said.