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'We've had thousands': Pothole-related damages on the rise as temperatures grow warmer in Halifax


For many commuters in the Halifax-area, it has been a bumpy drive in recent weeks as a lot of the roads are riddled with potholes, and in many cases are difficult to avoid.

Since the temperatures warmed up, local repair shops are seeing a stream of customers coming in with pothole-related damages.

“We’ve had thousands. I mean we see dozens a week. Requests for flat repairs, punctures, damage tires, wheels. It’s very prevalent,” said Jamie Macaleese, branch manager of Scotia Tire in Halifax.

The repairs can vary in cost, and can be expensive said Macaleese. “Anything from a flat tire to a wheel replacement you could be talking about $50 to $1,000.”

Since January, the municipality has received service order for over 800 potholes, and so far city crews have repaired 750.

A mechanic repairs pothole-related damage to a vehicle. (CTV/Hafsa Arif)

“Pothole repairs are based on priority levels, so priority one potholes are at least 25 cm in diameter and eight centimetres in depth, and all other potholes are considered priority-two potholes,” said Laura Wright, public affairs advisor for the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Wright said it can take up to seven days to repair a priority-one pothole, however, crews need help in locating others around the city.

“Our road crews log and identify potholes all throughout the year, but we also rely heavily on residents to let us know whenever they see a pothole, so if you do see a pothole, please let us know by contacting 311 or go on our website to submit a report.”

A street in Halifax is littered with potholes. (CTV/Hafsa Arif)If an individual does inform the city about a pothole, the city has 30 days to fix it, however, if a claim is put in during that time, it may not be approved.

Until the potholes are fixed, a lot of drivers cannot do much to avoid them, so the city should be responsible for it, said Macaleese.

“The size of these at times I mean they’re almost swallowing vehicles. It should be warranted that if damage is caused by roads in these sorts of things and we have to drive around, somebody needs to be liable.”

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