MONCTON -- Weeks after post-tropical storm Dorian washed out a culvert on Route 126 in New Brunswick, construction continues.

It's closed a part of the main artery that goes north from Moncton to Miramichi.

The long delay in reopening the road is leaving some inpatient and unimpressed.

"They have it shut down still!" said Moncton resident Cecile Gould. "After over a month ago, they shut it down?"

Part of the Route 126 closure means drivers are forced to take a detour. The problem is, although there are "detour" signs, most can't figure out where it begins.

"There's no signs to say where to go," Gould said. "The detour signs don't tell you where to go."

A statement from the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure reads in part: "DTI strives to provide sufficient signage, particularly at decision points, in an effort to ensure motorists can follow the detour route. The department will assess the need for additional signage and implement as appropriate."

The detour begins at Briggs Cross Road before the first blockade, although many mistakenly drive past the detour and end up lost.

What's causing confusion for many drivers is a blocked road before the construction itself. While it is clear that there's a sign that says "road closed", what's not clear is what to do from there. So, some drivers are hesitantly driving around the blockade, while others are simply turning around.

If you drive past the "road closed" sign you will run into the construction at a second barricade.

Mitchell Boyle owns a farm adjacent to the work being done.

He says he's losing business because his customers don't know where to go.

"We have had a lot of people that come up, take the detour, go all the way around to Indian Mountain, and then they're calling me and asking me how to get to the farm," Boyle said.

It's a similar situation for workers at an auto-body shop on the other end of the detour near Indian Mountain Road.

"They don't know how to get here, so they don't bother coming," said mechanic Norman Goguen.

The confusion has meant lost business for some and longer commutes for others.

The work is expected to continue until at least the end of November, so, until then, there may continue to be some confused and frustrated drivers.