GRAND BAY-WESTFIELD, N.B. -- Dog lovers enjoy getting outside and taking their pets for a walk, but did you ever consider hooking a cart to your pet?

That's called drafting, and it's about the most fun you can have on four legs and two wheels and it involves canines carting around 40 pounds -- for sport.

"Drafting started back in the 18th century with farmers using their dogs to haul their goods to the market," said Sue Bosence. "(Then) people started noticing it and made it into a sport."

It exercises the dogs' bodies and minds while they respond to commands and pull the cart.

"My dog loves it and it's something that we can do that's out of the ordinary not the same old obedience, it's not tracking, because my dog does tracking from spring to fall," said Tanya Smith. "It's just something different that my dog really loves and then we get together with what we call out little drafting group."

The East Coast Drafters are based out of Grand Bay-Westfield group and Bosence says the dogs must be at least two years old, and their hips fully formed, to start training.

"It's a great outside sport and certainly with this sign of the times right now with the pandemic, outside sports are all the new in thing and the dogs all love being outside," Bosence said.

It's been good for the people too.

Leslie Burns calls it a great excuse to get off the couch.

"It's a good way to get out with my dogs and it works their brain," Burns said. "We do it with multiple people, it's just a fun way to get some exercise and still be with your dogs."

The East Coast Drafters are hoping that in the spring they'll be able to host a couple drafting events locally.