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'What a deal': Zamboni among items available at municipal surplus sale in New Brunswick


What happens when a municipality has so much stuff that they don’t know what to do with it all?

Well, they have a surplus sale, of course.

The municipality of Tantramar, N.B., is holding a sale to get rid of surplus items it acquired after the Town of Sackville amalgamated with smaller communities last year.

There’s office chairs, an organ from a nearby Catholic church, an old office safe, boardroom tables, Christmas trees and there’s even a truck being sold as-is, where-is.

An organ is up for bidding at a surplus sale being held by the municipality of Tantramar, N.B.

But the marquee item at the Tantramar Veterans Memorial Civic Centre is a Zamboni that is no longer needed.

“You can come, bid $10 on the Zamboni. Maybe no one else bids on the Zamboni. You just got yourself a Zamboni for $10,” said Jeremy McLaughlin, Tantramar’s communications officer. “What a deal. Where else can you find a deal like that?”

Tantramar Director of Active Living and Culture Matt Pryde said the 100-plus items come from all over the municipality.

The municipality of Tantramar, N.B., is holding a surplus sale.

“We have various departments, public works, active living, tourism and the fire department and they’ve all contributed to it,” said Pryde. “A lot of it is kind of leftover things from the amalgamation that we don’t really need anymore. There’s some stuff that’s been sitting around for years and it’s time to find new homes for it.”

If there’s an item someone is interested in they can place a bid with the maximum amount they want to spend.

Dorchester resident Bill Steele saw some graveyard lights, which piqued his interest.

“In-house sales like this are gone, you don’t see this. So this is kind of unique. They’re bringing out more things I think and it looks pretty interesting,” said Steele.

Tantramar Deputy Mayor Greg Martin popped by, not on an official basis, but to check out the sale for himself.

“It’s really unique, especially with the Zamboni out front there for sale. Different things you wouldn’t normally see at a yard sale,” said Martin.

The sale runs for a second day on Thursday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The highest bidders will be contacted Thursday afternoon and items can be picked up on Friday.

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