Shucking an oyster ideally requires an oyster knife with a short, sharp, thick blade.

Wear a glove to protect your hand against the knife and sharp edges of the shell.


  1. Hold the oyster deep side of the shell down with the hinge toward you. Secure the top and bottom of the oyster on a towel against a hard surface.
  2. Insert the knife between the shells near the hinge, twisting the knife to separate the halves.
  3. The oyster is attached to the centre of its upper and lower shells by a strong muscle. With the knife, slide across the top shell to sever the muscle attached to the upper shell.
  4. Lift off and discard the upper shell.
  5. Slide the knife under the oyster and sever the lower muscle and remove any grit or shell. Take care not to spill the delicious salty liquor in the shell. Partially attached meat is messy to eat.
  6. Your oyster is now ready to be eaten raw or prepared.