2 Cups fresh blueberries

1 Cup extra virgin olive oil

1 cup of canola oil

½ cup of balsamic gaze

¼ cup blueberry beer

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar


  1. Place blueberries in a small saucepan, add just enough water to cover the Bottom of the pan.
  2. Cook on medium low heat until berries are soft and thickened.
  3. Place ½ the blueberry mixture in a blender with the olive oil, canola oil, balsamic glaze, blueberry beer and apple cider vinegar. Blend on high until well combined.
  4. Add remanding blueberry mixture and allow to cool.
  5. Store in fridge for up to five days.

Scallops and Blueberry Beer Vinaigrette Salad\


Pan seared scallops

Baby romaine

Red onions

Cherry tomatoes

Fresh blueberries

Goat cheese


  1. Place pan seared scallops on top of a bed of baby romaine.
  2. Top with julienne red onions, cherry tomatoes, fresh blueberries, and goat cheese
  3. Add blueberry beer vinaigrette to taste.