For six seasons, Canadian Idol brought talented men and women together from coast-to-coast to compete for a music deal and bragging rights.

The Maritimes shared its talents on the program, with some local performers cracking the top five.

Gary Beals finished as runner of on Idol’s first season. Fifteen years later, you'll find the North Preston, N.S., native in Toronto working for the Ontario government.

But at night, Beals is busy performing. His last album was released in 2009, but that will soon change.

"I'm starting production next week because I'm starting a new project. So I'm working on my third project that I'm really excited about, because it's been a long time coming."

While life in Toronto keeps Beals busy, he says his heart is still in Nova Scotia.

"It's been 15 years and still to this day I'm truly grateful,” says beals. “They just show me so much love so I just want to say thank you to Scotia to everything that they've done for me."

Chad Doucette is also thankful for all the votes and phone calls he received for Idol back in 2006.The East Chezzetcook native lived in Toronto for a bit after Idol to pursue music, but the Atlantic Ocean called him home. 

He went back to school for radio and television, but now you'll find him in the insurance industry.

"Kind of fell into this and was on the phones taking calls for a couple years, and recently took a job where I'm actually lead facilitator, so i get to teach new classes," says Doucette. 

For Doucette, teaching comes easy. But when he's not at work, the 29-year-old is on stage.

"More so like a cover band, me and a few buddies. Chad Doucette and the Five Arm Stud. We play at Dirty Nellys, Big Leagues, lots of weddings and Christmas parties – just some money on the side and a way to still have a bit of music in my life," Doucette says. 

Music has always remained a big part of Dwight d'Eon's life. The West Pubnico native was on season 5 of Canadian Idol in 2007.

Deon toured after Idol, then stepped back from music. He owned a business and started a family before settling into a new musical project with his current band 'Lacewood.'     

"I've been across the country a few times before, but now I don't go too far away from home at this point in my life. But hopefully with the new project we'll be doing some more travelling," he says.  

You can often find Deon playing at a local pub in the Halifax area. He and his band members are gearing up to launch their first album in a few months.

It’s a passion all three men share as they continue with their 9-5 lives, but always making time for music.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Suzette Belliveau.