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Will they or won't they?: Speculation grows over the possibility of a fall election in New Brunswick

It's a question of will they won't they when it comes to calling an election this fall in New Brunswick

Susan Holt, leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party, is preparing to put her name on the ballot.

Susan Holt, leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party, is pictured on Sept. 27, 2023.

"It seems like this is something the premier wants, so we are getting prepared,” said Holt.

A statement from the premier's office did not confirm nor deny a fall election.

"I know there is a lot of speculation about a possible fall election. As with all of the decisions I make as Premier, my focus is always on doing what is best for New Brunswick," said Premier Blaine Higgs in a news release Wednesday.

"The question we face is will the focus be on delivering results for New Brunswickers or will it be 12 months of political drama causing instability and stagnation in government? My focus and responsibility is to the citizens of this province ensuring we continue on our path of demonstrated continuous improvement."

PC MLA Jill Green says, despite their differences, she stands behind the premier.

"I think I am part of a team that's making some big differences in New Brunswick that's really important,” Green said.

N.B. PC MLA Jill Green is pictured on Sept. 27, 2023.

Green says she still has a contribution to make to the province and she’s excited to continue that work.

“When I did some self-reflection, I realized I wasn't done yet,” said Green.

“I'd like to keep on it for the next year without an election but who knows.”

David Coon, leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick, says his party is in good shape if an election is called in the coming weeks.

"Snap elections are snap elections,” said Coon.

“I’ve got to focus as much attention as I can on making sure our ridings are ready, that our candidates are ready, that our campaign is ready in case an election is called.”

David Coon, leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick, is pictured on Sept. 27, 2023.

Holt says the Liberal Party is also in good shape.

"We're pretty ready actually. The amount of candidates that have come together in the last year, they're impressive people, they're in virtually every riding in the province,” she said.

The fall legislature session begins sitting on Oct. 17. Top Stories

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