William Sandeson’s brother took the stand Thursday at the former Dalhousie University student’s first-degree murder trial.

Adam Sandeson told the court his brother stopped by his apartment on Chestnut Street in Halifax the night of Aug. 17, 2015 – two days after Taylor Samson was last seen alive.

Adam Sandeson testified that his brother said he was coming over to do some laundry and he stayed for about an hour. After William Sandeson left, Adam Sandeson said he went down the basement, where he found a backpack full of marijuana.

Adam Sandeson told the court he questioned his brother about the drugs the next day, but William Sandeson said they weren’t his, and that there was more in the basement.

Adam Sandeson said he checked the basement again and found more marijuana in a box. He said he learned the next day that his brother had been charged with Samson’s murder.

William Sandeson is accused of killing 22-year-old Samson during a deal to buy 20 pounds of marijuana.

Samson’s body has never been found.