PEGGYS COVE, N.S. -- Nova Scotia RCMP has confirmed one woman has died after being pulled from the waters of Peggys Cove.

RCMP says they received reports of a woman who had possibly fallen off the rocks at the popular tourist site around 1:40 p.m. Sunday.

“First responders responded to the complaint, and while they were on route, they were advised that a local lobster fishing boat had recovered an unresponsive female that had been pulled from the waters just off of Peggys Cove, approximately 20-25 feet from shore,” said Staff Sergeant Terry Barrett, Watch Commander with Halifax District RCMP.

Halifax Fire and Emergency say they performed CPR on the woman after the local fisherman retrieved her from the water and brought her to Government Wharf.

“Medical attention was given to the female but, unfortunately, she was pronounced decease shortly after 3 p.m.,” said Staff Sergeant Barrett.

Police say the woman was in some kind of communication with people on the shore, and that she was still conscious when the lobster boat arrived to pull her out of the water.

Eyewitness Peter Richardson put in an emergency call after he spotted the woman floating in the water.

“I called the fishermen, and they were on their way,” he said. “When I finally got to the site, she was in the water, upside down."

The lobster boat was about ten minutes away from the shore when they were alerted to the woman spotted in the water.

Those visiting Peggys Cove witnessed the commotion on and near the shore.

“I could see the flashing lights, so I knew something was going on,” said Christine March. “When I came into Peggys Cove, there were three fire trucks and an ambulance all just down the hill."

RCMP also say they have retrieved articles of clothing and a purse that appear to have been left nearby on the shore.

“That's something that we're working through, to confirm who it belonged to," said Staff Sergeant Barrett.

Police have not yet been able to confirm the woman’s identity, but a woman at the scene told CTV News that the victim had arrived alone from Quebec, and that she was 48-years-old.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ron Shaw.