Blood stains the snow where an exchange of gunfire took place near the Moncton airport on the weekend.

According to the RCMP, a 25-year-old woman allegedly crashed her vehicle into a stand of trees and then fired at first responders called to the scene.

“It's a changing environment and a changing world and this just highlights the potential dangers that are out there,” said Chris Hood, the executive director of the New Brunswick Paramedics Association.

The alleged shootout happened about a half a kilometre from the greater Moncton Romeo Leblanc International Airport.

No paramedics were injured, but the incident still raises concerns about the safety of first responders.

“Paramedics and other first responders don't expect, when they go to work in the morning, that people are going to react when they arrive to provide care to them,” Hood said.

Hood says continued scene-assessment training is a must.

“What we have to do is really be more cognizant and more aware, to trust our instincts and be sure we are putting ourselves in a position that prevents this from happening,” he said.

The City of Dieppe isn't saying much.

In a release sent to media Monday, they do confirm that the city's fire department was dispatched to an accident, but wouldn't comment any further because of the ongoing investigation.

Nova Scotia’s Serious Incident Response Team (SIRT) is investigating.

“SIRT's mandate is to investigate all serious incidences involving police,” said investigator Ron Legere.

There are essentially two investigations underway. The New Brunswick RCMP are in charge of the incident itself and SIRT is looking into the RCMP's actions during the alleged exchange of gunfire.

RCMP aren't saying much, including what led up to the incident, but they do confirm a member discharged their weapon.

“The director of SIRT received a request by the RCMP in New Brunswick to conduct an independent investigation related to the injuries sustained to a 25-year-old-female that occurred during an incident with police,” Legere said.

As for the medics who were at the scene, employee assistance programs are in place to help them deal with the aftermath of this dangerous incident.

The suspect is still in hospital and the investigation is ongoing. Police have yet to lay charges and, for that reason, the woman's name hasn't been released.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Jonathan MacInnis.