People from across the region are making a pilgrimage to a home on the Membertou First Nation, where an image described as the Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared on a bedroom wall.

Over the past three weeks, an estimated 2,000 visitors have visited the home, anxious to see the image they believe is a message from God.

The spokesperson for the Diocese of Antigonish has also visited the home to view the image.

“This image does look like the Virgin Mary and they are having a faith response to it,” says Rev. Don MacGillivray.

Homeowner Denise Simon has since converted her bedroom into a shrine, complete with a daily service dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

“This is her feet, that is her body and that’s her head with the crown, and that’s her rosary beads,” she explains, pointing to the apparent apparition.

At a time when organized religion is facing a slew of hardships, the appearance of a likeness of the Virgin Mary has convinced elder Jacob Marshall to return to his religious roots.

“Since I witnessed the miracle on the wall, the Virgin Mary myself, I didn’t go to church,” he says. “After that, I started going to church.”

Janice Paul has been leading nightly services at Simon’s home, celebrating what she believes is a miracle.

“Everyone is welcome here to come and see for themselves and to receive the peace and love that we have received.”

With files from CTV Atlantic's Randy MacDonald