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World leaders convene at Halifax International Security Forum

World leaders and security officials arrived for the second day of the Halifax International Security Forum to discuss global security.

The event kicked off this morning with a deep-dive into Iran’s revolution.

Advocates expressed fear of Iran’s parliament recently voting to punish protesters with the death penalty.

“An organization [called] CFPPI Iran (Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran) has estimated up to 60,000 people have been arrested. This is a real concern. There is the risk of them being executed,” said advocate Nazanin Afshin.

At the forum, discussions on the potential results that can come from the Iranian revolution include a democracy led by free thinkers.

“We have many educated people. We have many intellectual people inside and outside Iran. They are ready. They have planned how to the run the country,” said advocate Masih Alinejad.

Oppressive regimes remained a topic as Ukraine’s head of office said that there will no longer be discussions with Russia unless it is done in an open and diplomatic manner.

“We are absolutely not interested in negotiations or any talking which will not be public or official,” said Andriy Yermak, Head of Office for the President of Ukraine.

United States Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin said Russia’s war against Ukraine is becoming an international threat.

As Russia looks to other countries for help, new security concerns have emerged. Russia has turned to Iran and North Korea to help it’s assault on Ukraine. This includes using Iranian drones to kill Ukrainian citizens.

While delegates spoke inside, hundreds gathered outdoors to fight for democracy and freedom for Ukraine and Iran. Together, protestors shouted “liberty” and “together we will win.” For these protestors, the fight for freedom and democracy continue. Top Stories

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