SAINT JOHN -- A Saint John restaurant has cranked up the heat with a spice challenge that isn’t for the faint of heart.

The ‘Wrath of Naan’ is so spicy that it requires the signing of a waiver. You can find it at ‘Naan-Ya Business’ at the Saint John city market.

The challenge to those who accept it, is 10 minutes to eat what’s billed as the world’s spiciest bread.

“What I’m going to do is add the secret spice packet,” explains Robin Sheikh, co-owner of Naan-Ya Business.

Sheikh says it starts with an achar chicken base, a blend of secret spices, and then eight drops of pure pain.

“It’s a pepper extract,” explains Sheikh. “Certain types of peppers that are crazy spicy, we put a few extra like ghost pepper, chili flakes, a few extra things. It works out to 5,000,000 Scoville units in total.”

The mixture is then added to naan dough, which is rolled out and pressed, before some extra chili flakes are added just for good measure.

It then goes to the tandoor oven to cook, for the next challenger looking to conquer the ‘Wrath of Naan’.

Robin and her husband Tabreze opened up Naan-Ya Business last year. Tabreze grew up in Texas with a Pakistani father and Mexican mother, which he says contributed to his life-long love of spicy food.

“I loved doing hot sauce challenges when I was in the United States, or anytime I visited anywhere,” explains co-owner Tabreze Sheikh. “My favourite was ‘Halal Guys’ in Los Angeles. When I opened up Naan-Ya Business, I said ‘you know, we need a hot sauce challenge too.”

Frank Hachey arrived at Naan-Ya Business on Wednesday ready to take on the challenge, but first had to sign the waiver.

He had ten minutes to eat the naan along with sauce on the side, and then had to sit with the burn for five minutes.

In the end, Hachey was able to conquer the challenge, but says he felt the ‘naan-stop heat’.

“I’ve tried srirachas before, and hot sauces. I’m not sure what they added into this, but it was definitely hotter than anything I’ve tried before,” described Hachey through some spice induced tears.

Sheikh says about 20 people have taken on the Wraath of Naan challenge, and just seven, including Hachey, have proved successful.

For his trouble, Hachey gets his $20 deposit back, along with a free meal, a t-shirt, and of course, the right to say he survived what may be the world’s spiciest bread.