A young girl from Riverview, N.B. has battled back from cancer, and her and her family are celebrating by giving back the gift of life, by organizing a blood drive.

Elizabeth Davis remembers that fateful day in 2014 like it was yesterday.

“When we arrived we were told that Chloe’s blood counts were all abnormally low and it could have been a number of things that were wrong with her. But worst case scenario, she could have childhood cancer,” recalls Davis.

Sadly, the worst case scenario did occur. Elizabeth’s four-year-old daughter Chloe was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

“That was really tough for the entire family, and especially for Chloe, and we’re just very grateful,” says Elizabeth.

Grateful because Chloe, now ten-years-old, is a week away from celebrating four years of being cancer free.

“My mom was really happy,” says Chloe. “And she always had a smile on her face, so that made me happy.”

Her family says Chloe never gave up, fighting through more than two years of chemotherapy.

During her time in hospital, Chloe often underwent blood transfusions, a treatment made possible thanks to donations through Canadian Blood Services.

“Donating blood is the biggest gift that someone can give to a child or anyone who’s fighting cancer,” says Elizabeth.

That’s why on Monday, Chloe and her family payed it forward by organizing a blood drive in Moncton.

“We just saw everything from a different perspective, and really understood how it’s important to give back to others that are in the same fight,” says Elizabeth.

Family friend Joanne St. Coeur-Leblanc came to donate blood, saying she was inspired by Chloe’s kind spirit.

“We’ve always loved Chloe’s story and how brave she was and all that she did, and we just wanted to give back,” says St. Coeur-Leblanc.

And it's not the first time Chloe has inspired her community; in 2014, she became a good luck charm for the Riverview High School Royals football team, who fundraised for her family through a bottle drive and dragon boat races.

Chloe’s mother says she’s always encouraged her daughter to focus on kindness.

“She has a huge heart and a very strong passion for giving back to children that are facing the same challenges she faced four years ago,” says Elizabeth.

And Chloe has an inspiring message to those who showed up to her rally, and anyone who has ever donated the gift of life.

“I would thank them a lot for that, because if they didn’t give me blood, then I wouldn’t be alive right now,” says Chloe.

A thankful little girl, giving back to the community who helped give her a new lease on life.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Eilish Bonang.