A university student who was reported missing earlier this week has been found safe, but questions remain over what happened to the young woman.

A young man who said he was Kashmala Fida’s brother picked up at the phone at the Fida residence in Truro, N.S. late Thursday afternoon and told CTV News that his sister had been found at a neighbour’s home.

“We are happy that she returned home safely without any problem, without any harm,” her father, Mohammad Fida, told CTV News Thursday night.

Fida, a science student at the University of King’s College in Halifax, was last seen around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday when she dropped her mother off to an appointment at the Colchester Regional Hospital in Truro.

The 21-year-old woman was also scheduled to attend a medical appointment there Tuesday afternoon, but hospital officials say she failed to show up.

Her car was found in the parking lot Tuesday afternoon, but Fida was nowhere to be seen and her parents reported her missing later that day.

The Truro Police Service appealed to the public for help in locating the missing woman Wednesday and her friends expressed concern over her disappearance, saying that kind of behaviour was out of character for the popular student.

“I and everyone else are so relieved to hear that she’s been located and safe,” says friend Jennifer Archibald. “There was such a huge response as to her whereabouts and safety, and as soon as I found out and told people there was such a huge collective sigh of relief that she was found and safe and I just want to find out what happened.”

Few details have been released about Fida’s disappearance but police do confirm she was found at a friend’s home.

They say they received a 911 call around 5 p.m. Thursday to respond to a residence on Lower Truro Road, where they located the young woman.

“She was found outside the residence by the occupant of the dwelling,” said Insp. Robert Hearn yesterday. “There was no resistance. I can’t get into details exactly what she said, however, once she’s cleared by a medical examiner we’ll have a talk with her.”

Police took Fida to the Colchester Regional Hospital, where she underwent a routine medical examination.

Hearn says Fida appears to be in good health and investigators plan to speak with her to learn the details of her disappearance before they close the case.

The young woman returned home with her family last night. She did not respond to reporters questions, but her father told CTV News he was relieved to have her back. He also said he wasn’t certain about what had happened to his daughter.

“I don’t know. I have not talked with her and she was under stress now, so the doctor told me that I should not ask any questions now,” he said. “At this time I can thank all the media people and the police especially, who played a very outstanding role, and they came and took action very quick.”

Police acquired the surveillance video from the parking lot and are also reported to have searched the car for evidence, but the circumstances around why and how she mysteriously vanished are not yet clear.

They do say that since there was no criminal activity involved in the case, no charges will be laid.