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Atlantic Canadians among the biggest spenders at Christmas: Retail Council of Canada

The Retail Council of Canada’s most recent survey is showing people from coast-to-coast are still putting out plenty of cash around Christmas time.

"Atlantic Canadians are number one,” said Jim Cormier with the Retail Council of Canada.

“We've always been either number one or number two, this year number one with a planned spend of over $1,100 per person."

Downtown Fredericton Inc. says local businesses are hoping to see some of that spending.

"They need to catch up from the pandemic, COVID was very hard on them,” said Bruce McCormack with Downtown Fredericton Inc. “Now we're in the catch up and seeing the suppliers are now able to supply the goods and services that they need because that was a huge issue for a while.”

Bruce McCormack, who is part of the Downtown Fredericton Inc. (Alyson Samson/CTV Atlantic)

"62 per cent of Canadians coast-to-coast say that they plan to spend the largest proportion of their money in store,” Cormier added. “So going to brick and mortar retailers, so that's good news,”

Shoppers say inflation is definitely affecting Christmas's bottom line.

"That's why we haven't really started because I'm really shopping it up this year I guess,” said Fredericton resident Melissa Chaisson.

"Little things that I would treat as stocking stuffers, that's a main gift now,” said Emma Wagner in Fredericton’s downtown.

“Or you know sometimes you have one item and it looks kind of small so I'll grab a lip gloss or something just to add to it, nope, it's just the one thing now.”

With inflation's affects on pricing, downtown stores are hoping people keep the 'buy local' mentality fostered through the pandemic rather than turning back to big box stores.

"Our businesses are ready, their supplies are in they've got everything they need to carry them through the Christmas season,” McCormack said.

“So I think they're in pretty good shape.”

82 per cent of the 2,500 Canadians surveyed said it's important for them to shop local.

“We're generally a quite generous people regardless of how the economy is going traditionally we do spend,” Cormier said about Atlantic Canadians.

“The survey points out unlike other provinces where there's a higher percentage of people that buy for themselves, Atlantic Canadians buy for others.”

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