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Canadian victory against Venezuela at Copa America Games ignites Maritime pride


A shot struck in the first half of the match between Canada and Venezuela in the Copa America Games on Friday set the tone for a historic competition.

“Watching the games, I was always like we need to score more and we did it last night! It was just a really great game [and] a real nail biter,” said Ben MacMillan, a fan of the sport who has been keeping up with every single match in the Copa America Games.

Canada’s national soccer team triumphed over Venezuela at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, with Nova Scotia’s Jacob Shaffelburg scoring the opening goal.

“It was amazing to have Jacob on that team. He’s come through such an unconventional pathway to the pros and it was just inspiring,” said Doug Raphael, who watched highlights of the game.

In the 64th minute, Venezuela scored a goal bringing the game to a tie. After that, the two sides traded shots, with a score of 3-3 by the end of play time, taking the game to penalty kicks.

Canada took the win after scoring, defeating Venezuela 4-3.

Soccer fan, Florent Herbinger, said he couldn’t believe it. “Canada did very well. They had a lot of scoring opportunities and it could have easily been more goals for them and I think the goalkeeper is quite good and was able to win it for them in the penalty shootout.”

Even those who have not been keeping up with the Copa America Games are thrilled.

“I think my interest is peaked,” said Dawn Duval.

Her partner, Robert Brennan, said he will certainly be tuning in to the semi-finals.

“I’m proud of a fellow Nova Scotian doing well on the world stages, especially someone from our community who is doing so well.”

For many soccer fans in the Maritime, this is proof that Canada has what it takes to compete with the best. “I was so ecstatic because Canada has been getting better and better for so many years so I feel like it is finally paying off,” said MacMillan.

Canada’s next game will be on Tuesday against the world champions, Argentina.

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