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Dalhousie University works to clear up confusion over its vaccination policy


Students and faculty at Dalhousie University are seeking assurances the school’s new vaccination policy will be enforced next semester.

A memo revealed that many of those who hadn’t proved they’re vaccinated also weren’t sharing test results.

Both students and faculty say not only is it a breach of policy, but also a breach of trust. 

“Members assumed that the existing policy had been enforced all along and if they were in person teaching, they were safe to do so,” says David Westwood of Dalhousie’s Faculty Association.

The university made a rule that to be on campus you had to be vaccinated or be tested twice a week.

Proof was supposed to be submitted online, and of the more than 22,000 who did, more than 98 per cent are vaccinated.

But nearly 400 people either aren’t or haven’t said one way or the other and only 20 per cent of them were reporting regular testing.

Gaps in compliance have led the university to require mandatory vaccination or an exemption.

In a statement to CTV News, Janet Bryson of Dalhousie University said, “Moving forward, students who don’t register with campus check to provide proof of vaccination, or do not request and receive accommodation, will not be permitted to participate in on campus classes and other activities.”

“We’re not opposed to the change in policy per se,” adds Westwood. “What we are concerned about is enforcement.”

He worries if the university didn’t enforce the policy before, it may not happen this time.

“Students should be required to comply with the policy before they’re even allowed to enroll for in-person classes,” he said.

The university hasn’t said exactly how it will enforce the new rule, but did say additional instructions and details around timing and non-compliance will be shared ahead of the winter term. Top Stories

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