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Dogs dine on llama lasagna at this Halifax restaurant

A new gourmet grill in Bedford, N.S., is sparking attention for its exotic menu options and cuddly clientele.

Growlies Pet Food Store and il Canino Dog Beefstro is believed to be the first-of-its-kind in Canada -- exclusively tailored for man’s best friend.

“You can come in, relax, bring your dog, bring your cat, sit down and one of our grill masters will prepare great food for your pets,” said owner Mark Warren.

From llama lasagna to cricket curry, there’s no shortage of gourmet dishes tailored to meet the tastes of our four-legged friends.

“We do feature some exotic proteins,” said Warren. “We have bison, yak and even water buffalo. You name it, we have it.”

There’s daily specials on a rotating menu and even brunch-inspired weekend meals prepared fresh by one of their chefs.

“Tara in particular has put together a phenomenal menu which features all of these novel proteins,” said Warren. “We included vegetables and supplements, so it’s really good for your dogs.”

Warren says their mission is to raise awareness about the benefits of feeding your dog fresh, healthy and natural ingredients.

“A raw food diet will help keep your dog's teeth clean and your dog’s energy levels will go up,” said Warren. “There are studies that show it can reduce joint inflammation, obesity and even cancer. You will save on vet bills over the long hall.”

Mackenzie Kellior, who frequents the establishment with her dog Bowie, enjoys having a place to pamper her pup with special canine cuisine.

“I think people are wanting to find whole food and healthier options for their dogs,” said Kellior. “Just like people are more interested in eating whole foods themselves.”

While some critics may bark at the cost, Warren says it can be comparable to store-bought pet food.

“We can put together menus for your dogs that come in very close to what a lot of the kibble brands cost,” said Warren.

While the Bedford location features its only grill, they have other retail locations in the Halifax region including a drive-through.

“It’s the first digital drive-through offered in a pet specialty retail store,” said Warren. Top Stories

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