With a month’s worth of rain expected to fall in New Brunswick over the weekend, flood forecasters and EMO are asking residents to be cautious – particularly for those living near the already swollen rivers.

“There is definite potential in the river that we may have significant flooding,” said Chief Jody Price of the Oromocto Fire Department.

Some roads have already been closed and more blockades are expected to go up in the hours to come. A decision about evacuations will be closely monitored throughout the weekend.

Away from the river, heavy rain will fall over a wide stretch of the region. Municipalities have been clearing away storm drains, preparing for the possibility of localized flooding.

“We are at full alert as we speak,” said Robert Duguay of New Brunswick EMO. “By Sunday morning we should have a better idea of the magnitude of the impact and if there's any issues about roads and residents.”

Michel Lavallee, who lives along the St. John River, says he fully expects the water to surround his home at some point this weekend. Water is already starting to fill his basement.

“If they don't turn the power off, no problem. If they do, I have a generator, food, gasoline and food for two weeks – I'm good to go,” said Lavallee.

Driving during the downpour is also being discouraged not only because of washouts, but also because of reduced visibility and the possibility that wildlife will be looking for higher ground.

Officials say it will be difficult to pinpoint exactly how the rain will be impacting the river over the days to come. They're telling people who live near the river to be ready and warning them that they need to be ready to leave if an evacuation order is issued.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Nick Moore.