HALIFAX -- Nova Scotia RCMP have charged four people under the Health Protection Act in connection with the current COVID-19 pandemic.

In a news release, police say two people were charged for failing to self-isolate after returning from out of the country.

Two others were charged for failing to maintain a social distance of two metres or six feet.

The four were charged on Tuesday and each fined $1,000.

Cpl. Lisa Croteau, a spokesperson with Halifax District RCMP, would not tell CTV News where the individuals were charged or where the offences allegedly took place, only that they occurred in Nova Scotia.

Crouteau said RCMP would not release specific information about the individuals, such as their age or gender.

Croteau did say the two charges of failing to self-isolate were separate incidents. The charges of failing to maintain a social distance of two metres were connected and both people were charged.

The RCMP officer said the charges were laid as a result of tips from the public.

The RCMP is urging people to follow the steps outlined by the provincial government to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

“Nova Scotians are very good at looking out for one another in times of need,” said the statement from RCMP.

“We are asking people to help protect their communities by reporting crime and suspicious behaviour to police.”

At least one other Nova Scotian has been fined for failing to self-isolate. The Truro Police Service ticketed a 65-year-old man on Sunday after receiving complaints that he was "blatantly disregarding the self-isolation rules."

Nova Scotians who travel outside of the province are required to self-isolate once they return. Citizens are also required to maintain a physical distance of two metres, or six feet, in accordance with the Health Protection Act.