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Fredericton grocers shelve long-standing competition to help those in need


A pair of Fredericton grocery stores that long competed in a food drive have decided to team up this season.

Each year, a trophy was handed out to either Victory or Peter’s meat markets, depending on which store donated the most to a local food bank.

But with more people digging deeper to stock their own shelves, the two stores have joined forces to lessen the impact of inflation.

“Given the need in the community, this year we thought we’d move away from the competition aspect and focus on what’s really important,” said Alex Scholten, owner of Victory Meat Market.

Michel Bourgoin, the owner of Peter’s Meat Market, says the two stores are trying to give back to the community.

“Because if it wasn’t for local people who help us, we wouldn’t exist anymore,” said Bourgoin.

This year, the pair are hoping to raise more than ever to meet the need.

“We’ve been quite ambitious with the number we’ve asked for this year,” said Scholten. “Over the last couple of years, we’ve raised about $63,000. We’ve set the target this year for $70,000.”

Alex Boyd, executive director of the Greener Village Food Bank, says his organization is seeing a “record number” of clients each month.

“We expect this to be our biggest Christmas ever for the number of people that would not be able to have that festive Christmas dinner without our help.”

In previous years, the grocers suggested the donation of a turkey. This year, the two are taking cash to put towards the birds, because their cost has gotten so high.

“[Turkeys] have gone up price-wise. It’s up at least $5 per turkey,” said Bourgoin. “We’re trying to get some at a reasonable price. The more we can get at a reasonable price, the better it is for the community.”

Boyd says the food bank has set a goal of 2,000 turkeys.

The drive is on until Dec. 10. Donations can be made at either store or fire stations in Fredericton. Top Stories

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