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Glace Bay teachers bring home a win and $5K on Family Feud Canada

If you were to survey 100 people in Glace Bay about what they were doing Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm, chances are the 'number one answer' would be that they were watching a team of Oceanview Education Centre teachers in their appearance on Family Feud Canada.

"I was getting texts, I was getting emails, and it was from former students and co-workers, family and friends,” said Lisa Turnbull-Roach, a teacher and one of the show participants.

At the watch party at the school on Tuesday evening, the excitement among the students was palpable.

"We didn't know how many to expect, but we ended up packing our cafeteria,” said teacher Charlene Bradbury. “Every time we had a correct answer, the place erupted. Every time the other team answered, they all had their arms up like an 'X', so it was awesome."

The Oceanview teachers won the game, sweeping every round.

One of the most memorable moments was when host Gerry Dee phoned his wife, who is from Glace Bay and was taught by Turnbull-Roach when she was in school.

In the fast money round, the teachers fell a bit short but still took home $5,000 for their school.

"The $5,000 is going to go a long way,” Turnbull-Roach said. “We have something here called the Jaycee Tracey comfort closet, and students are using it on a regular basis. Last year, there were on average 28 students a day using the closet and I predict even more students will be using it this year because the prices of everything are going up."

Unlike most Family Feud Canada winners, the Oceanview team won't move on to play another game.

The Teachers Week format means they are 'one and done.' Still, they couldn't be happier about how things went on the national stage.

"Our main thing was just to make our school, our community and just our friends very proud - and by the looks of things, I think we did,” Turnbull-Roach said.

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