Members of the world-famous biker gang, the Hells Angels will be rolling into Musquodoboit Harbour Saturday night for what’s being dubbed as a welcome back party.

"This weekend certainly marks the arrival and opening of the Hells Angels chapter for Nova Scotia," said Cpl. Mike Kerr of Nova Scotia RCMP.

The Hells Angels rode out of Nova Scotia in the early 2000s after a police operation landed most of the followers behind bars.

But in 2013, an affiliate club called the Gate Keepers, started up. It’s hosting a party this weekend to show their allegiance.

"A number of identified Gate Keepers have been wearing a patch-on vest that indicates they are official ‘hang-arounds’ for the Hells Angels," said Cpl. Kerr.

Cpl. Kerr says officers are closely watching the comings and goings of biker gangs.

"This weekend, we'll have an increased police presence in the community with combined special forces unit members of HRP, RCMP, traffic, as well Criminal Intel N.S.," he said.

Those living in the area say their presence isn’t much of a secret.

“We knew they were here. We know them. Just down the road here about half a mile," said one resident.

Police don't expect the community will be at risk, but want people to be aware of the gang.

"At the moment, we know they are on friendly terms to co-exist," said Cpl. Kerr.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Marie Adsett.