Four months after a horrific fire took the lives of seven children in Halifax the Barho children are being memorialized in a very public space.

The poignant memorial for the seven children stands behind the main building at the Halifax Oval, along with a small tree.

The thoughtful gesture was done by a group of nursing students at Dalhousie University.

“I cannot imagine losing one child, let along all of those children, and such an age range as well,” said Leslie Adams, who attended the children’s funeral.

Adams wasn’t the only stranger who attended the funeral. Thousands of people who didn’t know the family were there to support them in any way they could.

Officials still haven’t released the cause of the fire.

In an email from Brendan Elliott, a spokesperson for the city of Halifax, he says: “The fire on February 19 was a tragedy that we are all taking very seriously. Investigating fires is a complex and, in many cases, time consuming process.”

He also says: “We are following every reasonable investigative avenue available to us to learn what we can about the origin and cause of this fire. Rest assured that when we have information to share publicly, we will.”

Lauren McMahon lives across the street from where the Barho’s home once stood. She says the memories of that terrifying night still haunt her today.

“Sadness, the fact that that poor mother, it’s like I can hear her screaming too,” said McMahon. “That’s just - she didn’t know if her kids were going to make it.”

“And that father, he was so badly burned. They had him on our front lawn, and he was extremely burned, and in total shock” said McMahon. “So, it’s just, it’s very sad, extremely sad.”

Ebraheim Barho, the father of the children, had been in a coma since the fire with his wife, Kawthar Barho, still by his side every day.

“He’s in stable condition,” said Leno Ribahi, president of HEART Society. “Still in the ICU in stable condition and he’s doing much better than before. And a long road ahead for him to recovery, and we’re looking forward to the day he’ll come out and we’ll start a new, fresh life.”

Halifax Fire, who is leading the investigation, is still unsure when they will have an update as to exactly what happened that night in February.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Bruce Frisko